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A Cooling Recipe For The Summers

May 20, 2017 Views: 388


Coconut Mango Smoothie

An ideal dessert is one that doesn’t add inches to the waistline, yet tastes delicious. This one does just that! It’s got melt-in-your mouth mangoes, which are the highlight of Indian summer. Mangoes are also a great source of energy, improve digestion, and help in lowering cholesterol. They also contain little to no sodium, and are rich in vitamins C and A. You can whip up this smoothie regularly to indulge those mango cravings yet stay healthy.


1 mango

1 banana

¼ cup of toasted coconut, plus a littlemore for garnishing

1 tsp organic vanilla extract

¼ cup milk

a pinch of toasted white sesame seeds for garnishing


Add mango, banana, coconut, vanilla and milk into a blender and blitz until smooth.

Serve in a tall glass over ice and garnish toasted coconut shavings, toasted sesame seeds, and fine pieces of mango.