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7 Common Skincare Mistakes Girls Must Avoid

September 24, 2016 Views: 458

Wrong Choice Of Sunscreen

Is having Bollywood perfect skin like Kareena Kapoor Khan or Katrina Kaif your long cherished dream? Then keep an eye on this checklist of skincare mistakes that most of the girls tend to occur. Make sure, if you follow any of these common skincare mistakes for your daily regime, then you have to forget the dream of flawless skin.

#1 Wrong Choice of Sunscreen

Do you know sun exposure is one of the vital factors for your growing indication of aging? Your face looks aged by three-years if your skin has to suffer a 2% of the damage. Therefore, you need to choose a sunscreen suitable to your skin type. The sunscreen must have a SPF of 30 and good UVA protection.

#2 Overlooking Sunscreen in Monsoon or Winter or In Cars

Overlooking Sunscreen In Monsoon Or Winter Or In Cars

Overlooking Sunscreen In Monsoon Or Winter Or In Cars

Even in the rainy day or chilled wintry day, you should not avoid sunscreen. Most of the girls have a misconception that they don’t need sunscreen as they are going to travel by car. However the fact is that your car’s window glass cannot filter UVA light (except the tinted one). Therefore, make sunscreen your bestie and apply it throughout the entire year, even when you work indoor.

#3 Selecting Harsh Soaps

 Selecting Harsh Soaps

Selecting Harsh Soaps

Are you sure that you are using a mild soap? Imagine your skin like the skin of a baby and choose the product accordingly. It is always ideal to pick the soap-free product especially for the sensitive skin as such products can cause less drying and harsh.

#4 Insufficient Sleep

Insufficient Sleep

Insufficient Sleep

Lack of sleep definitely invite the under eye dark circles, fine lines and lusterless skin as it leads your body to release stress hormones. Therefore, for glowing and healthy skin, it is essential to follow a specific sleeping cycle.

#5 Inadequate Water Consumption

Inadequate Water Consumption

Inadequate Water Consumption

You need to keep the cells of your skin hydrated. Unfortunately, most of the girls have tendency to drink less water and as a result their skins become dry and lifeless. And who doesn’t know that dry skin tend to get faster wrinkling?

#6 Selecting Wrong Skincare Products

Selecting Wrong Skincare Products

Selecting Wrong Skincare Products

Don’t pick your skincare product getting influenced by a celebrity endorsement or advertisement. Rather you should choose a skincare item only after confirming that they is going to suit on your skin type and provide necessary skin nourishments.

#7 Being Impatient for Getting Product Results

Being Impatient For Getting Product Results

Being Impatient For Getting Product Results

Changing your dermatology products in every fortnight? Well, a BIG NO-NO for it. You can’t expect a miraculous result overnight. To get an effective result from a good product, you should wait for minimum two to three months. So, don’t get so impatient!



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