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5 Mind-Blowing Places for Corporate Team Outing In And Around Bangalore

November 28, 2015 Views: 1,308

Golden Palms Resort

When you are planning for a one-day corporate team outing and looking for a perfect location, you don’t need to take much headache when you are in Bangalore because there are numerous places in and around Bangalore that offer stunning natural beauty and hundreds of opportunities for ultimate adventure and fun.

If you can supplement your outing with some funny and exciting activities, you just feel your trip as enjoyable as the outing in a faraway location.

  1. Manchinbele Camp

About 40 km away from Bangalore, Manchinbele Camp is a popular tourist destination situated on the Manchinbele Dam which is built across the River Arkavathi. The place is incorporated with splendid scenic beauty.

It can be an appropriate destination for short corporate team outing as you can get the options for several outdoor activities like rafting, kayaking, rappelling and several others. All those activities require great spirit and team work where all the members can participate so that everyone can enjoy the outing. Even there are places for overnight camping that will enhance the adventurous mood two times more.

Manchinbele Camp

Manchinbele Camp

  1. Anthargange Caves

Anthargange is another popular destination for corporate offsite that is packed with fun, adventure and enthrallment. The place will offer you amazing cave exploration opportunity and trekking experience which can really make your day just AWESOME!

Anthargange Cave’s topography is set with numbers of caves, huge granite boulders and rocks that attract the tourists from all over the country. Situated around 60 km away from Bangalore, Anthargange is famous for trekking and rappelling because of its huge cliffs.

Anthargange Caves

Anthargange Caves

  1. Savandurga Caving and Trek

Located at the altitude of 1,226 meters, the Savandurga hills are quite popular among the adventure sport enthusiasts, cave explorers and trekkers. Among the Savandurga range, the most preferred trekking trail is the Billigudda hill. Since the place is known for the abundance of flora and fauna and therefore you can visit just for appreciating its natural beauty. However, by setting up team challenge, you can explore your corporate team outing through trekking in the hills.

Savandurga Caving and Trek

Savandurga Caving and Trek

  1. Golden Palms Resort

Golden Palms Resort is probably one of the top most corporate offsites and premium resort that offers quality of service and maintain high standard. Here you will find yourself surrounded by luxuriant greenery and comfortable accommodation. The high class facilities of the place make it as the most popular place for team outing.

Golden Palms Resort

Golden Palms Resort

  1. Bheemeshwari Forest Camp

Located by the riverside, Bheemeshwari Forest Camp is ideal for short vacation since you can perform some adventure activities with your colleagues here. Moreover, you can go for a walk from the camp and explore the scenic beauty of the place as well as some of its wild animals. Among the popular adventure activities, you can jump into a raft, make a sail with your team or indulge in some heavy actions like jumaring, high rope traversing etc.

Bheemeshwari Forest Camp

Bheemeshwari Forest Camp

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