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5 Indian Holiday Destinations Alternatives of International Wonders

November 25, 2015 Views: 2,961


Now the dream of exploring international holiday destinations no more will be the dream for Indian residents since India has her own spectacular holiday destinations that can beat many of the international wonders. Let’s have a look on these breathtaking Indian places alternative of top international travel destinations that decrease the hefty travel expenses.

  1. The luxuriant beauty of Switzerland – The paradise on earth Gulmarg

If verdant greenery of valleys and picture-postcard beauty of lakes attract you from the beauty of Switzerland, then just head to Gulmarg- the mountain gateway of India. Its pine-fringed pastureland greenery in summer and blanketed with snowfall in winter can comparable to the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland.

images      The-Tropical-Alps-Switzerland

  1. Utah’s stunning salt flats= Awe-inspiring Rann of Kutch

Pack your bag and walk across the inscrutable beauty of Rann of Kutch, it’s a bet that it will be the alternative destination of the impressive white landscape of Bonneville Salt Flats situated in Utah, USA. Under the scorching sunlight, you will explore the salt crystals dazzling like diamonds and the unending desert plains appears straight to the horizon. Don’t forget to explore the place under the bluish radiance in full moon when the still vastness of the place almost seems eerie to you.

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  1. Antelope Valley of Flowers, USA= Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Before exploring the seasonal surprise of spring in Antelope Valley of Flowers in USA, just head towards the Garhwal hills in Uttarakhand in the months of July and August.  Here more than 300 varieties of flowers such as the unending panoramic views of wild roses, blossoming geraniums, asters and different types of orchid are enough to astound you with their breathtaking beauties.

b2927fd4cae41c3c38f3f43719b1b13e    valley-of-flowers-tour

  1. Thailand’s diving ecstasy= Lakshadweep’s adventures

Undoubtedly, Thailand is renowned for its dreamy tropical beauty in hundreds of islands and their extensive coastline and that’s why it is hot favorite for the diving enthusiasts. No more, you have to travel Thailand once you explore the turquoise-hued waters and exotic beaches in the islands of Lakshadweep. Don’t forget to explore its real attraction hidden underwater- unspoiled coral reefs, prosperous marine life beckon and the pristine lagoons.

inside-no-38 Lakshadweep5

  1. The mysterious Sahara Desert=The enigmatic Thar Desert

If the mystical Sahara Desert is on your list of international holiday destinations, then before going there you must surf the sand of Indian Thar Desert. It looks like the thousand shades of brown within a palette where you can go for the exotic camel safaris across the sand dunes.