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5 Bollywood Movies that Have Taught You Utterly Unexpected Lessons about Life

March 3, 2016 Views: 1,344

5 Bollywood Movies that Have Taught You Utterly Unexpected Lessons about Life

Being a Bollywood fan, most of the Indians grow up with the memory of numerous Bollywood movies and hundreds of thousands Bollywood actors and actress’ names. In fact, you may find many such students who cannot remember their nursery rhymes or tables properly, but they can smartly answer all the character names and movies played by SRK (ask me alsoJ). Actually, we, the Indians are so passionate about Bollywood movies that it has become an inseparable part of our lives.

That’s why Indians often learn numerous Bollywood lessons from the movies compared to the lessons Buddha preached during him lifetime. Of course, when comes about the receiving some unexpected lessons from Bollywood movies, you may find uncountable names. However, based on some of the recent movies here we are sharing some lifetime lessons that lead us to proceed in the journey of life.

  1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

“Tu jo mila to aasaan hui manzil”

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Within the entertaining package of Salman Khan and not-ending debate between India and Pakistan, this Bollywood movie has taught us a great lesson- being a good human being, half of your problems are solved itself. Actually that’s the true spirit of being an Indian. By owning a great heart, even the biggest barrier of the world doesn’t seem too big to cross over. In really, you need the replace the barrier with the problems of life. Just keep faith on your God and try to do well with others, thus you will find the blessings from others that lead you to overcome all the obstacles in life.

2. Tamasha

“Fenka naya pasa, fir de gayi jhaansa”


You may fall love with Corsica after watching Tamasha, but the aim of the movie is not to inspire the traveler within you. The movie rather makes you realize how most of the persons are scared to grip the self-realization of split personality. This Bolywood movie will definitely inspire you to fall in love even with strangers whom you feel scared even to talk. Explore different places and explore yourself being a different person. It’s not a cliché, rather you need to hug that new inner-self.

3. Airlift

Literally… “Soch na sake”

After a long time, we have got the chance to watch a movie that shows you the true essence of patriotism, but the lesson has not given to you barely, rather the underlying patriotism flavor of the movie definitely inspire you in another way. When you find yourself in danger and ask for the help from others, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, but your country always stands by your side irrespective of your condition. That’s the true flavor of India- Be it the country or be it the countrymen-your own people.


“Doodh maangoge to kheer denge, Kashmir maangoge to..well”


Neither Rajeev Masand nor the character of Aditya Roy Kapoor may highly impress you about Fitoor. It’s a million dollar lesson that the movie teaches you and invariably it’s vital. You need to always analyze the entire problem or every situation before opting for the best opportunity provided to you. Before shifting your base, scrutinize the roots of your problem. It is applicable with our problem with Kashmir as well.
The last one is the movie that has made us proud, made us cry and above all, inspired us tremendously that we experienced never before.


“Jeete hain chal..jeete hain chal”


In every respect, Neerja is a stand out movie. Everything in the movie including Neerja’s life is inspirational. This is the movie about a woman whose father used to say about her “bahadur baccha kaun” although the statement has been made about a woman. This brave woman has taught us how to fight with personal problems and save hundreds of lives. Yes, now I have known that running form the situation in front of me (doesn’t matter however worse it is) is the worst thing of spinelessness.

So Bollywood movies are not only meant for entertainment, these are inspirational too that can change the meaning of your life.