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3 Exercises To Make Your Belly Flat

January 5, 2016 Views: 1,022

Flat Belly

If you are tired of the paunches then some exercises can be tried in order to reduce fat from the belly region. Taming the belly fat is certainly not an easy task. It is necessary to have a workout plan in addition to a balanced diet.

Complete concentration is given to the muscle groups in stomach. It is better to repeat each exercise for an excellent result. Through an extensive exercise more muscle groups can be engaged. Additional amount of fat loss can be guaranteed with an extensive exercise.

Recommended Exercises –

Press and Clean

Press and Clean

Press and Clean: Both the pushing and pulling of muscle can be done at the same time with this exercise. Strength of the body can be increased in due course. The process of losing fat is accelerated. In addition to stomach, shoulder back and arms are toned as well. It is better to start with 5 reps. Number of the reps can be increased gradually.


Goblet squat

Goblet squat

Goblet squat: By holding the kettlebell or dumbbell in front, you can do squat. It is considered as a core exercise. Due to the exercise, effects can be seen in the legs. Exercise can be started with three sets and 10 reps. However, it is better to add weight afterward.






Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping: For the cardio, rope jumping is considered as the best exercise. According to experts, considerable amount of fat can be burned with the rope exercise for about 10 minutes.









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