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2 Quick Breakfast Recipes for Adults and Kids

November 20, 2015 Views: 290


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Therefore, additional attention must be given on it. Kids make lot of noise when given a boring option for breakfast. They become irritated quite easily. Therefore, new recipes must be tried every now and then in order to forget about worries with food.

English-Muffin Egg Pizza

One of the favourite food menus of kids is pizza. It is not possible or right to order pizza from the eatery in the morning. Therefore, English Muffin Egg Pizza can be presented as a solution. In order to make the things easy you can keep the egg boiled and peeled before.


How to make?

Eggs must be hard cooked. Muffin halves can be toasted before placing it in the cookie sheet. Over the muffin halves, you can put a little bit of olive oil, hard cooked slices of egg, tomato slices and cheese. In order to add a little bit of spice, kosher salt or oregano can be drizzled. To get the melting effect from the cheese, it can put in the microwave for few seconds.



Chocolate Croissants

In mere 20 minutes, croissant can be made for breakfast. Five minutes more can be required for assembling few things.

Chocolate Croissants

How to make?

The oven must be heated at 350° F. the dough must be unrolled and cut in to eight triangles. About 10 to 12 chocolate chips must be placed at the bottom of each triangle. The dough can be rolled up with the chocolate inside.

Afterwards, the rolls must be placed on the baking sheets. It can be baked for about 14 minutes in order to get a golden brown colour. You can watch the delight in the face of kids with the serve of hot chocolate croissant on plate.

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