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10 Amazing Travel Tattoo Ideas That Will Revive Your Travel Memories

December 26, 2015 Views: 5,111

Cover Pic For Tattoos

There is no doubt that the trend of tattoos is going to rule over for a longer time. From fashion, food to spiritual- the impact of tattoo is ruling every sphere of our life. Few days ago, we have seen the craze of tattoos in annual Tattoo Festival took place at Wat Bang Phra, Thailand where the monks chose the spiritual tattoos. People all around the world are constantly trying some innovative ideas for crafting tattoos as body art. Well, it is for sure the appeal of tattoo is going to stay longer.

Are you a wander luster or dreaming to be a globetrotter? Do you feel trapped in after staying in a place for a long period? Or do you consider yourself as a true blue traveler? If all the answers are ‘yes’, then you are in the right place. Here you are going to explore some amazing travel tattoos ideas that will certainly revive your travel memories. Be stylish and trendy about your travel. Make your travel memories as the souvenirs so that you will cherish them throughout your life.

Scroll down to get some fantabulous travel tattoo designs and ideas. Find out which one you are going to get inked as the memory of your travel

1.I gonna fly….

1. plane-tattoo-on-finger

2. I can go anywhere…..anytime……as the whole world is within my wrists 

2.. I can go anywhere

3. Indeed…..

3. Indeed tattoo image

4. Navigating across the globe….

4. Navigation tattoos

5. Try out the innovative skyline tattoos….

5. Skyline Tattoos

6. I want to go to Paris….

6. Paris Eiffel Tower Tattoo

7. I am a globetrotter….

7. Globetrotter Tattoo

8. Ready to set sail….

8. Set Sail Tattoo

9. I have got the world in my arm 

9. I have got the world in my arm

10. Get, set and go……..

10. get set go tattoo

Author – Minakshi